I’ll be honest. This is one characteristic trait that I overlooked a lot simply because I thought it didn’t apply to me. It wasn’t until I had gone through my own trials with my health that I finally understood how important this is for us to claim.

Maybe you were like me and you only claimed your healing when you needed it. For example, when you have a cold, fever, or maybe even a migraine. As soon as the sickness was gone so was my declaration. Why? Because I didn’t doubt that God would heal me. I knew these were sicknesses that would come and go just as they did before. However, it wasn’t until matters got worse and I was presented with a diagnosis that was unpredictable and life-threatening that really had me clinging to this verse.

Yes, I will restore you to health.
I will heal your wounds.
I, the Lord, affirm it! …”

Jeremiah 30:17 (NET)

This verse gave me hope and confidence that God was going to heal me of my current situation. It’s what I held onto because God said it himself. Matter of fact, He affirmed it. In other words, it was a done deal. Whether it took one month or ten years, I could bank on God and His word and I knew that I could claim my healing in spite of what I saw physically. I knew I had ever right to declare, “I am healed,” and so do you.

Whatever sickness, disease, or injury you may be battling, know that you have every right to declare God’s healing over your life. Know that you are His and that you are healed. Believe it, confess it, and declare it over your life, even when it seems like all hope has been lost. Even when the doctors tell you there’s nothing more they can do. Even when you feel defeated. Believe and know in your heart that you’re not alone because He’s right there with you and know that He will restore your health and then some. God said it, and He stays true to His word.

A special prayer for those who are currently battling breast cancer. October is recognized as national breast cancer awareness month and this is more than just a time to wear pink. It’s about knowing exactly what this disease is and getting checked out. Although there is no known cure to the world, take hope in knowing that we serve the creator of the world and there’s nothing that is incurable for Him.

Remember, you are chosen, you are strong, you are courageous, and you are healed. Walk in your true identity today and always.



This blog is dedicated to my beautiful grandmother, Iliganoa Toeaina. I wear pink for you. I love you.


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