Worship. It is often paired with praise. Sometimes, it may also be referred to as a slow tempo song. The question remains, what is worship? Yes, I could give you a definition from the dictionary or the bible, but I still don’t think that would answer the question. See, worship is so much more than just a definition. I don’t believe that you can truly define worship because worship is love, and love is something that no one can ever really define.

When you ask someone what is love, you’ll get a bunch of different answers. Why? It’s because love looks different to everyone. There’s more than one way to love or show love. The same goes for worship. There is no exact way to worship. I recently learned that worship can be singing, dancing, standing, clapping, bowing, shouting for joy, and more. The way we choose to worship God is also our way of showing and telling God that we love Him. There is no right or wrong way, but what makes it special is the same thing that makes love special. It needs to be true.

True, genuine worship is not dependent on feelings, emotions, or circumstances. It’s contingent on God and who He is. Worship is our way of telling and showing God how much we love Him, even when life seems to be going downhill. It’s telling God that He is our great provider, even when the gas tank is on E and the refrigerator is empty. It’s telling God that He is our healer as we make another trip to the doctor’s office. It’s telling God that He is faithful even when we’re having doubts. Worship, like true love, is deciding to stick it out when times are good and bad. Worship is telling God that you love Him no matter what.

Worship is special to me. Worship has gotten me through some of the toughest and darkest times. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t always want to worship God through those moments but I knew that I had to. I couldn’t afford not to. See, as much as I doubted or hated the situation I was in, I couldn’t stop worshiping God. Every time I did, every time I told Him who He was in my life, every time I told Him that I loved Him despite all that was going on, He came and saw about me. He came and comforted me. He came and let me know that I was not forgotten and that I was loved.

Worship is the key that grants you access to God. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument or sing on key to worship God. Just talk to Him. Let Him know why you love Him. Praise is all about magnifying God for what He has done, but worship is all about expressing your adoration for who He truly is. That is why people can worship God in their toughest times. Although their situation may have changed, they know that they worship a God who never does. He remains the same mighty, faithful, compassionate, and able God today, yesterday, and forever more.

I’m currently learning and studying how to go deeper into my worship with God. In other words, I’m seeking to know Him better and more. If you’re like me, or maybe want to start to know about this amazing God for yourself, then I highly recommend reading the book of Psalms. There you will find David, a man after God’s own heart and a true worshiper. The way that this man speaks of God makes you want to know Him like that. I also hope that as your knowledge of God grows that your relationship with Him does as well as your worship for Him.

Worship is simply your way of telling God that you love Him and remember, He loves you too, Beloved.




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