What Comes Next?

Have you ever had to start over before? Maybe it had to do with your career path, relationship, or a change of location. Starting over can be overwhelming for many people. I don’t believe it’s because of starting over itself, but more so the fear of the unknown. A new beginning always presents a new journey to embark on and it’s the uncharted territory that can cause people to suffer from cold feet. Despite not knowing what was ahead of her, there was a woman in the Bible who knew that it had to have been better than what was behind her. Her name was Naomi.

The book is called Ruth, but it also tells the story of a woman named Naomi who had no other choice but to start over. Not only did she lose her husband, but her two sons had also passed away. She found herself alone in a foreign land. Starting over was the only option she had.

This is the case for majority of us. Our experience may not be that of Naomi’s (or maybe it is), but regardless there has been a time in our lives where starting over wasn’t a choice but the only thing left for us to do. Whether it was being laid off, an unexpected breakup, an eviction, or even a sudden death in your life; there was a moment where we faced the beginning of a new journey.

After Naomi had lost everything she heard that the Lord had helped his people in Judah so she decided to return home. This is the first lesson we can learn from Naomi when starting over. Go with God. Go towards God. Go back to God. Wherever you may be in life, learn from Naomi and get into His presence. Go where He is because wherever God is you can be confident that you are in the best place possible. The best place to start a new journey is always in His presence.

Naomi didn’t go alone, although she wanted to. Her two daughers-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, decided to go with her and she told them both to turn around and go home. One did and one did not. Ruth was persistent in staying with Naomi and going with her wherever she went. Even in Judah, Ruth set out to work in the fields to provide for both her and Naomi.

When starting over find yourself a Ruth. Someone who will stick with you no matter what. See, Ruth was suffering and hurting as well. She could have easily turned around, went back home and started over in a land where she was comfortable, but she didn’t because of her love and loyalty to Naomi. Many times when embarking on a new journey most of us like to go at it alone. It’s nothing personal, we just prefer to suffer in silence or in isolation. Trust me when I say life is always better with others. Ruth helped Naomi more than she could have imagined and that’s why it is important to find your Ruth. It’s better to have someone who will encounter the unknown with you.

In the end Ruth had found favor in the eyes of Boaz, a relative of Elimelech, Naomi’s belated husband. Ruth had found so much favor that she became Boaz’s wife, had a child and giving Naomi a grandson. Both women’s lives were restored and it was because of God.

The biggest fear that comes with starting over is the unknown; not knowing how things might turn out or what lies ahead. I’ve been there. Sometimes, I’m still there regarding my health, however we can learn from Naomi. Go with God and find someone who will encourage you and hold you accountable as well. When you do that you can be confident that things will work out, just as it did with Naomi and Ruth. It won’t necessarily be easy. You will have your moments, but no matter what, keep going. Although you may not know what lies ahead, take comfort in the fact that God already knows and when you go with God you never have to fear what comes next.

Continue, Beloved. I’m rootin’ for ya.

Rejoicing always,



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