Empower Yourself.

I have often been asked the question, “how do you stay so encouraged?” This question was one of the many reasons Beloved was born. I wanted (and still do) to not only empower others, but to teach them how to empower themselves as well. Today I will share with you a few things that have helped me to be able to encourage myself.

  1. God’s Word

Every year I like to find one verse and that’s the verse that I cling to the entire year. I memorize it in January and anytime I am going through something or facing a challenge I simply speak that verse either out loud or to myself. By doing this I am empowering myself with the Word of God. I’m speaking life over myself and my situation. Also, with each year that passes by it’s just another verse that’s written on my heart and used alongside whatever verse I may have chosen for that year.

In the past I also did V.O.W. This stood for verse of the week. I would write it on my whiteboard at home or on the pages of my planner for that week. This helped me to see it daily, speak it daily, and also reflect on it as well.

2. Devotionals 

Devotionals go hand in hand with reading God’s Word. I like to think of it as an opportunity to break down God’s Word into ways where you understand it better. Not only that, I also treat my devotional journal as my love letters back to God. Doing daily devotionals helps me to reflect on both God’s Word and my life. It requires me to be open and honest with myself so that I can get and be better. The way that I do my devotionals is S.O.A.P. Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. I pick a scripture, after reading it I write down the things that I observed from it, or learned from it. After that I pin point areas in my life where these things can be applied and then I end it with a prayer. There are many nights where I don’t want to do my devotionals because I am tired, but every time that I do them I always feel so refreshed and refueled.

3. Worship

I could write/talk about this part for days. I want to encourage you to get into God’s presence as often as you can. When you do this then it becomes an automatic whenever you’re going through something. Pastor Sheryl Brady once said that when life squeezes you, whatever you are filled with will come out of you. That is why I encourage you to worship God as often as you can. Fill yourself up so that when the enemy comes and tries to squeeze you all that will come out of you is praise and worship unto God. Remember, worship is not a feeling. It is a choice. It’s a decision to honor and express your love, adoration and gratitude to God no matter what. Worship grants you access to His presence and in His presence is His power.

4. Notes to Self

I write encouraging notes to myself on either index cards or post-it notes and I leave them in my planner, around my house or work space so that I can constantly see it. I even write on my bathroom or vanity mirror. They either have bible verses, quotes, or sometimes just one word that has a powerful meaning behind it. I make sure to put these in places where I can see them often.

5. Choose Positivity

I will be the first to tell you that a positive mentality does not happen over night. It is not something that just happens either. It takes work. The biggest, and sometimes the hardest step is to choose to be positive. I am not oblivious to the fact that when the enemy attacks, he attacks hard. I understand. I also understand that it’s during these times that I need to choose positivity the most. It helps to keep making this decision every day you wake up because when the tough times roll around you’ll find your mentality has grown. When you choose to have a positive mentality and outlook on life then you’re also choosing to empower yourself.

These are five things that I do to help empower myself. Like I said before, it is not always going to be easy. There are going to be days where empowering yourself will be a breeze and then there will others where it’s the last thing you want to do. Just remember, the more you encourage and empower yourself during the good days will greatly impact your mentality and faith during the harder ones. Don’t just empower yourself during the struggle. Empower yourself from the start. You talk to yourself more than anyone else in this world. Make sure it’s empowering things.

Also, don’t forget to tell yourself that you are beloved.

Rejoicing always,



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